Stray Giraffe Photography is a new journey inspired by ordinary life and that which it embodies: the land, the nature, the architecture, the people, the objects, the interaction and the destruction.

I coin the term ‘Organically Enhanced’ to describe Stray Giraffe’s style. Photography which is mostly candid, yet presented with symbolic feeling to the subject.

Stray Giraffe Photography is simplicity, feeling and stillness.


UK, England, Midlands based.

Amateur to Hobbyist to something more. Despite always having a keen interest in Photography, it wasn’t until 2018 that I was gifted my very own Canon EOS 4000D 18-55mm, which is what I mainly shoot with.

As a new Photographer my roots have yet to be established, but I embrace the idea of not fitting into one sole style. Instead I find enjoyment in exploration of the world and corners which heed my attention.